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Designer Skin's Faux Natural Sunless Collection

Say farewell to pale and hello to fauxtastic dark color! Designer Skin's Faux Natural Sunless Collection gives you the insider secret to faking your way to bronze perfection in five easy steps! Let all your friends think you've just returned from an exotic holiday…we won't say a word. Sometimes it’s okay to fake it!


STEP 1: Exfoliating Body Polish

Use the Exfoliating Body Polish before Sunless or UV tanning to provide a clean slate that will ensure a more even bronze tone.


STEP 2: Color Perfecting Primer

Layer the Color Perfecting Primer under your favorite Designer Skin Sunless or UV tanning lotion to help maximize dark color potential!


STEP 3: 360° Sunless Mist

DS ProBronze Extend™ Sunless Technology features the perfect combination of DHA and Erythrulose to provide darker more even coverage, with faster and longer lasting results. The fine spray mist gives you total control over the level of darkness, for buildable color that is perfect for your skin tone.

When it comes to flawless sunless tan, it’s all about the preparation! Before applying your 360° Sunless Mist be sure to smooth skin with our Exfoliating Body Polish and apply our Color Perfecting Primer for the most even, natural-looking color.


STEP 4: Sulfate Free Body Wash

Gentle and mild sulfate free formula specifically designed to cleanse skin while protecting sunless color from fading. The rich moisturizing formula infused with natural oils, leaves skin refreshed, hydrated and radiant.


STEP 5: Daily Sunless Extender

Revolutionary daily moisturizing formula, free of heavy silicones that could block the penetration of DHA and Erythrulose during sunless tanning. Botanical O2 Complexe™ provides moisture while aiding in circulation of oxygen to the skin helping to promote a longer lasting sunless tan.

Get the Designer Look!

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