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We offer a wide variety of accessories designed to enhance your tanning experience.  

From teeth whitening, to tattoo sticks, to eyewear  we have it or will do our very best to get it.


The most important accessory is protective eyewear for every tanner, as it is mandatory that eyewear be used when you tan with us. We offer different styles and sizes, so we can help you to find the right eyewear that fits best.

Tan Extender, After Tan Lotion.

A daily use product that replenishes vital nutrients and vitamins to the skin.  A must have for every  tanner who wants to extend the life of their tan!  Hydrated healthy skin tans faster, tans darker and stays tan longer. Daily use will maintain and prolong the life and beauty of your tan.


We carry a large selection, with formulas for all skin types.  Superior ingredients deliver healthy skin-soothing benefits and work to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, provide ultimate hydration and lock-in moisture to leave skin silky smooth.


Extend, enhance and protect your beautiful colour with intense hydration and tan-boosting technology.  Use daily after showering or bathing to extend tanning results.



Say farewell to pale and hello to fauxtastic dark color! Designer Skin's Faux Natural Sunless Collection gives you the insider secret to faking your way to bronze perfection in five easy steps! Let all your friends think you've just returned from an exotic holiday…we won't say a word. Sometimes it’s okay to fake it!

Tan Extender Moisturizers

DS Faux Natural Sunless

Don't be misled by  product diversion!

Product diversion is the unauthorized distribution, buying and selling of professional products to unauthorized outlets outside the professional industry. Purchase through a trusted source! This provides you with professional recommendations to ensure the satisfaction of products is met and the continued service and knowledge on future products for your skin type and ongoing skincare needs. A product purchased through an unauthorized outlet such as the internet or a flea market may be old, damaged, obsolete, contaminated or even counterfeit. As with many things in life you get what you pay for!

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