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Tanning Lotions

At Studio 86 Tanning, we care about the results you achieve. You are spending the time and money to tan - using a quality lotion designed for indoor tanning will ensure even better results, by providing hydration, nutrition and oxygenation to the tanning cells.



Healthy, hydrated skin will achieve color faster and hold results longer. We offer premium skin care products by Designer Skin, Swedish Beauty,  and Australian Gold. Our huge selection guarantees there is a product and price level that is just right for you. Our lotions are specially formulated for use with indoor tanning equipment and the superior ingredients work to enhance and optimize your natural tanning ability. We carry hypoallergenic, fragrance-free lotions for sensitive skin. We have lotions that are paraben-free, and made from natural and organic ingredients.



Whether you are just starting to tan or you are an experienced tanner, we have a lotion for you. Our staff would be happy to help you find the lotion that best meets your needs to get the very best results. We continually upgrade our lotion selection and product knowledge to ensure you will receive the best of the best!

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