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Sun Up 

Tan America's SunUp II gives stand up performance with a new angle on facials. The unique tilt feature of the (2) 500-watt Heraeus high-pressure facial lamps adds to the outstanding results from 48 160-watt reflector lamps. The SunUp II is the only vertical tanning unit in the industry with adjustable facial lamps. Designed to tan head to toe, use this unit every third or fourth session to even out skin tones and get a deeper, darker tan. You will be tanning in the finest stand up around. Do not be fooled by the fancy exterior stand ups - it's the bulbs and quality of the tan that matter.

UV Tanning

"There is no life without sunlight."

The effects of UV light on human health are of immense importance.  Tanning is a natural process.  Your body is biologically designed to produce melanin, which darkens the skin and is a natural free-radical scavenger.


Indoor tanning is a controlled environment, which allows you to slowly build a tan, to develop and increase your natural SPF.  The external factors of tanning outdoors, such as time of year, time of day, cloud cover, and elevation are harder to control or predict, which may increase your risk of overexposure.  


Moderation is the key.  You may tan year-round, if you are taking care not to over expose your skin at any time.  You should always be aware of the dangers of over-exposure, as it may lead to chronic skin damage.  Take precautions not to indoor and outdoor tan on the same day, correctly use sunscreen outside, and always allow a 24-hour time period between tanning sessions.


Treat your body to the warming and rejuvenating experience of a tan from Studio 86 Tanning.  Whether you need to escape the cold of winter or are looking to get beach ready, we have the tanning option for you.  We are the tanning salon for the tanner who wants results!

We have both stand up and lay down

beds in  for  your preference

Tanning makes you look GREAT and feel even better!! 

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