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Ten minutes a day for a healthier you


Whole Body Vibration training ranks as one of the most effective and easiest exercise systems presently available. Improved bone health, increased strength and coordination, greater mobility, less body fat and more lean muscle mass are some of the many reasons to use WBV and make a  positive change in your fitness.

Vibration training was first developed over 50 years ago by Russian scientists for use in their space program as a way to limit muscle atrophy and bone density loss experienced by cosmonauts, allowing them to stay in space for longer times.

Standing on the WBV platform forces your body to have involuntary muscle contractions in response to the oscillating movement.  The movement mimics a human walk, so it is safe for just about everyone, however, as with any other new fitness regimen, it is recommended that you consult your medical practitioner. 

Whole Body Vibration


 WBV machines are more efficient than traditional forms of exercise, because they can engage more than 80% of your muscles depending on the stances or exercises you perform while on the machine. When used regularly, the benefits of ten minutes a day include an increase in circulation and lymphatic drainage to detoxify and reduce cellulite; tighten and tone skin and muscle; strengthen core muscles; increase your sense of balance and flexibility; burn calories and lose inches; decrease muscle and joint pain;  tan more efficiently and reduce stress hormones.

Compared to conventional training, the WBV machine stimulates superior muscle activation so less time is required to work muscle groups completely and the benefits are wider ranging than those achieved by ordinary exercise.  Take ten minutes out of your busy schedule to commit to a healthier you. 

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